I had a slight argument in my head whether listening to the urge to kiss Aliah or leave it but by the time I had agreed to ignore, my face was only a few inches away from hers. She raised her head our lips touched, I instinctively pulled her closer as a warm sensation went through my body, sometimes you gotta thank your body for ignoring your brain.

"Ahem." A voice broke through our concentration, bringing fear of being caught. We both looked for a one of the supervisors angry faces, and found nothing, we quietly laughed as we realized we had not been caught.

"Come on lets go outside, it quite nice out." I get up wincing a little at the pain shooting up from my calf. I put my arm around Aliah's waste as we pass, Denia who was instructing us to head over to lunch. On our way to the back cabin we remained entirely silent probably thinking about the same thing. We sat beside each other outside of the dining cavin, waiting for the others to show.

"So we are still on for tonight right even if your leg hurts?" She asks.

"Yup, even if we don't race, I do hope though it doesn't hinder me to much for tonight's capture the flag though."

"Alright." She smile brightly, putting her arm around me, I do the same and hold her lightly against me. The others begin to arrive but two people where missing, Mystry and Eric and you could tell on some of the faces of the others there was concern.

The End

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