Eric: Pandora

I went to the lake and sat down against a tree. I cursed and brought my head slamming back against the tree. It hurt but I didn't care.

Why did I feel so hurt? Why was I crying? I hadn't cried in years. Suddenly the shadows create a form. A human form. I moan knowing who it will be. "Go away Pandora" I say getting to my feet and walking along the edge of the lake.

"Why should I?" Pandora says skipping after me. "You know I've been watching you Eric. You're a very naughty boy"

She smiles evily. She twists her fingers and shadows trail out her hands. "Stop that!" I snap. "I have enough Shadows to keep an eye on without you creating more" I clench my fists tightly.

Pandora giggles. "Yes, but it seems to me you've been losing your touch with this... Mystry.. around". She spits the name out like its acid and I close my eyes taking deep breaths. "You know its not going to last between you and her. I suprised the Shadows haven't eaten her yet. I mean you controlling them and me creating them is the only reason they don't turn on us"

I shoot a glare at her. "And whose fault is it I got control over them" I snap. The Shadows around flicker and snap, crackling with my anger. Pandora laughs gleefully.

"I wasn't the one who went against the rules by trying to stop my own birth. I warned you if you did you'd become a Shadow walker" She says a happy glee in her eyes. I hate when she looks at me like that. Like I'm her property.

"Well, I didn't plan for that and I didnt know anything was wrong till that stupid teacher" I snap baring my teeth. Pandora giggles and wrap one arm round my waist and placing her other hand on my cheek.

"I bet you never showed Mystry this side of you. Your true self. Admit it Eric you ain't meant to be at this camp. Everyone hear is either good or even. You... your a true bad boy. Messed with your own fate" Pandora sighs and takes a deep breath likes she's tasting the darkness around me which she probably is.

"Get off!" I snap pushing Pandora a way. She clenches her jaw and narrows her eyes at me.

"You know you will never be able to be with her Eric. Her looking at how you are affecting her is only going to show how you truely are.... And you will never change!" Pandora hisses then disapears engulfed in Shadows.

I reach out and close my fist getting a grip on the newly flickers of Shadows. I drag then to me and embrase them with a deep breath. She doesn't get it.... Mystry won't get it.

I'm not in control of the Shadows... I'm ruled by them. If I lose them.... I wont exist.

The End

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