Aliah: Injuries

"Whats next? The infirmary, you completed the course alive but not unscathed afterall" I shook off the anger that tried to overwhelm me, facing what we did is not realy a laughing matter.

I looked at Eva, she had a few scratches and a huge bruise on her leg, Liam had worse though, he had cuts most of the way down his arm and a deep looking gash on his calf. I wasn't too bad, just a few mini scratches from the rocks, I wonder how the others are......

We followed Sasha's directions to the infirmary "Liam, are you alright?"

"I'll be fine Aliah" he smiled reassuringly "but I think our next race might have to wait, what about you?"

"I'm fine, I've had worse" I turned to Eva "How are you Eva?"

"Um....I think I'll be okay"

I sighed in relief "Thanks for getting us out you two, it was hell back there"

"I guesse it's something you get used to" Eva shrugged, her thoughts going somewhere else

I repressed a groan and glanced down at mine and Liam's hands, still together, this was reassuring. We entered the infirmary and were immediately checked over, I saw Eric sitting by Mystry's bed and smiled, they looked so sweet together, AJ was just about to leave.


When we were done Liam had a bandage around his calf and left arm, Eva had some plasters on her arms like me and a bandage on her ankle.

I saw a guy with silver hair, the one that had given us our teams and watched the concern cross his face as he saw Eva, coming over to help her.

"I think we should leave those two alone" I whispered, Liam nodded and I helped him over to a bench. "Thank you for earlier Liam, you have no idea how grateful I am"

"Aliah, in the tunnel, you seemed scared, are you afraid of the dark?"

So he noticed... "Yes, I am, I'm terrified of it, have been since I was a baby" I waited for the laughter that usualy followed when I made that confession, but he didn't laugh, he squeezed my hand and smiled instead.

"I don't like it that much either" he hesitated, debating with himself, then leant foward

God I feel so nervous. I raised my head, our lips touched and my heart beat crazily, Liam's hand brought me closer,  resting on the small of my back. My head spun like I was cauht in a whrlpool "Ahem" we broke away and realised we hadn't be caught, our laughs were whispered.

The End

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