Liam: Hang on a sec

I hold onto Aliah's hand a little tighter than usual not liking the surrounding darkness, I preferred light because I can manipulate it and for other comforting things, not that I'm afraid of the dark but its always been something of unease to me.

"Hang on, I got some energy left, lets see how much light I can generate." I say with confidence concentrating on this feeling of alertness, until I begin glowing making a slight difference, and I can see the hall in front of us was filled with uneven grown and the wall had spikes, and various holes, plus a few bricks that you step on might set something off.

"Ouch." I say but happy that I was prepared then then the light I had made died, " Well at least we know what we are in for." I mutter.

"Don't worry, I've got a good memory and I can see a way through this, just follow me and I will tell you where to step, this may take a while but, we'll get through no problem." Eva says confidently.

"Alright." Aliah says a little nervously, as Eva gives instructions, our strategy seemed like it would take to long but I think we were making great time no injuries so far... 'Click' I freeze and form an ice shield around myself as  something hits and bouncing off ineffectively.

"Oh that's not that bad." I say stepping forwards hearing the sound of grinding.

"What's that?" Aliah says.

"Run the wall's are beginning to move in trying to crush us!" Eva shouts. Crap and this is all my fault. I think beginning to run feeling the tips of spikes run across my shirt, then into my skin , just before escaping the hallway. I hoped Aliah was alright.  The door opens.

“Not any speed records have been set yet but boy did you guys run when that wall began to move.” Sasha's says with a grin. We all just shoot her a glare, then a weak smile.

“What's next?” We all ask.

The End

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