Aliah: Damn it to the darkest depths of....too late we're there

Right, now we're to compete alone, no more triple teaming, ah well.

"Liam? Do you have enough stength to thicken the ice for us? I can fly us up there"

Liam took a deep breath and smiled at me "I think I can muster something spare"

I turned to the other team "I really wanna help you guys but apparently we have to do this alone, if I scream, it means beware, 'kay?"

They looked a little alarmed, I laughed "Oh lighten up, we just defeated a giant dog that coulda had us for dinner! I think we qualify for the next bit, besides, they left the door open"

They all smiled sheepishly or sighed in relief, I rolled my eyes.

"Liam, I'll take you first, you need to thicken up that ice"

"Got it" he took my hands and I flew very gracefully, trying not to jostle the guy who tried to save me and put him gently on the ice and he made it stronger, I flew down and caught Eva, being just as gentle and cast my wings away "I am so happy they left the door open, I love ancient history but hyrogliphs are not my thing"

"Same here"

"I agree"

We walked through the door and into a tunnel, being encompassed by darkness, my torch refuse to work, I couldn't see a thing, crud, I am living my worst nightmare, my hands shook furiously "Liam?" he grabbed my hand

"Right here"

"Eva?" I reached for her in the darkness, she found my other hand "Can either of you two see?"



"Eva! You can see?"

"A bit,  my senses are stronger than yours I guesse"

"Can you get us out?" Liam asked

"I think so, I can sense where the dangerous stuff is, though it might be a while"

"As long as we get out" Liam said

I nodded and found myself putting my life in the hands of a total stranger. Again.

The End

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