Taken to prison

"Well, what do we do with him?"

My vision comes back for a moment. Long enough for me to see a man that looks somewhat like Clint Eastwood, only with longer hair and his lower half being a tail. The old...thing comes up to me and grabs me by the neck. "State you business here, surface dweller." He seems to hiss those words, as if its a poison that stings his tongue.  The old fish-person isn't the only one that my eye catches. I also see a man with  hair waving in the water like seaweed, his eyes a colour of green like the ocean's. He quickly makes his way to the old man and gently but firmly tells him off, the pressure around my neck vanishing.

The creature to my right is a beautiful thing, eyes a plain gray tone that reminds me of storm clouds. Yet she seems like such a gentle and frail creature. One hand strokes her long, flowing hair as she watches and waits for what her companions do to me.

"I say we take this surface dweller to the prison!" The young man-thing nods his head and turns to the girl. What he says to her I don't know but it seems to have an effect on her. Her excited and flustered expression is the last thing I see before I drift away. 


The next time I wake up I feel something pumping a cool gas into my nose. Suddenly, a voice from behind me catches my attention.

"You mind sharing some of that air with me?" I turn around and see a gaunt looking thing, a shell of a man with the lower half of a fish. I also notice that his tail is scratched and torn in many places. And his eyes...his eyes look so desperate, as if the air that I'm breathing is something he'd trade his life for.

The End

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