Calm down and wait.

What was this place? Where was the woman?

Only deep silence answered those questions as I moved about the tank, feeling as the water rushed past me, sweeping my skin swiftly. I placed my hand on the cold, thick glass, viewing my own scared expression, daunting me still further. I slammed my fist several times against the glass but to no avail, my hand just bounced off it throwing my state of mind into panic.

I can breathe. Slowly and steadily I begin to experience this newly acquired ability or shall I call it skill? No, ability was right, for it to be a skill I had to have polished it before. Internal monologues and debates with myself always helped me to calm down. I sank to the bottom of the tank, as I did, I saw the bubbles stirred and reflect against the glass. I looked up upon reaching the bottom, watching the slowly fading orange colour with which I was once enveloped. I sat crossed-leg and pondered my surroundings. Whatever I was being held for, it must be something valuable for my captors, therefore, I must be something of value for them.

Light began infiltrating and reaching down on the bottom, teasing my skin with the dancing light. I stood up and bend my knees to propelled myself up to what seem like an opening to this glassed cage. My face broke above the water surface as my lungs filled with a peculiar air. It seemed like I hadn't breathe clean air in a long period of time. Water droplets dripped down my face as I breathed in hard. My eyes squinted through the blinding light, making out the figures standing before me.

The End

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