Get to the surface.

Not at all eager to drown, I begin to swim towards the surface. My lungs burn and strain for oxygen. My vision begins to dim. Suddenly I cannot hold my breath in any longer and let it out in an explosion of bubbles. My lungs instinctively pull the water into my windpipe and...

I can breathe.

I can breathe underwater? Shocked and intrigued, I stop swimming for the surface. Unfortunately, I am pulled upward by a sudden current. No! Wait! The dancing shadows obscure the mysterious woman, who gazes up at me with sadness and surprise. I break the surface.

I wake.

My eyes are closed. Strangely, I am still floating in warm liquid. I open my eyes to find myself still in orange water, still able to breathe, but the view is no longer endless. I am in a cylindrical, glass tank. The tank is only as big as it needs to be for me to float inside without touching the sides. I must get out!

The End

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