Subject Under Fire

This is meant to be a choose-your own adventure book. You are a lab subject with unique abilities, haunted by a mysterious woman. Is she a subject like you? Is she one of your experimenters? Please have fun and try to keep it PG or below.


I am surrounded by the warm pulsing of an ocean, gently swaying me back and forth. Opening my eyes, I see that I am floating in light orange water stretching as far as my sight reaches. Above me, shafts of shadow break through the surface, almost like light would. Below, the water gradates to a soft green, showing no glimpse of the bottom.


I realize, suddenly that I have been holding my breath. As I turn to kick to the surface, A beautiful woman comes into view. Her eyes sparkle like an emerald reef, and her long, ebony hair flows around her like the mane of a fierce lion. She smiles and sinks gently downward, holding out her hand in an invitation.

The End

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