For What It's Worth

(In response to Tailey, page 24)

I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers, I can only give you advice based on my own personal experiences.

You asked me how I move forward through writers block. Specifically, you asked me how to overcome the fear that causes this block to begin with.

In your description, you said that this fear speaks to you in a way that destroys your creativity and moves you to a place where you don't feel adequate.

The best advice I can give you, is the same advice any revolutionary would give to his downtrodden peers. 

Confront; Defy; Rebel!!

Listen to that voice in your head, take it's poisonous words and use them to your benefit. After you've read this, open a new page on Protagonize and write about it. Personify the fear you feel into the embodiment of some villain and place your avatar as the heroin that will ultimately overcome it.

This doesn't have to be some epic, this doesn't have to be the budding sprouts of a great novel. This is for you, and to share with the rest of us so that you may show the entirety of this websites membership that you didn't simply lay down and die like a defeated soldier defecting from the battlefield.

Instead you stood your ground, and despite the fear of losing it all, you wrote. You took to words what your fears tried to steal from you. You pushed back the shroud one letter at a time until finally, silhouetted on the horizons of your mind, you stood in defiant victory! 

Just write!

That's the only way to break through. You may not enjoy what you write, others may not enjoy what you write either, but you can't let that stop you.

The longer you wait in stagnance, the more your creativity will decay; putrefy and ultimately dry over and crumble to dust. 

You may write well when you force it, or you may write crap.

Imagine it as the bile that your imagination must regurgitate in order to shed the disease that's affecting it.

Writing is the only way to overcome writers block.

Just as writing is the only way to become a better writer. 

The End

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