(In response to Sly. Seventh entry).

Sly, I can see your positive view. It's refreshing and gets my blood pumpin. "Don't be afraid to lose." I know that's my problem. I can see that I'm afraid I will lose. But how can anyone keep a positive view?

Even at good times I can't ignore that voice, that weight rather tugging at the back of my mind. It says I'm no good. I says I can't write. It washes away every bit of creativity in my brain and refuses to let me put anything down on the page.

What would a person in your case do? How can someone get past this roadblock?

I've been off and on writing for months now between work and other pressing things. Nothing has been accomplished as far as my writing goes. My sister says I write pretty well. But everytime I shake my head and tell her, "But I have yet to back my talent up. I can't say I'm a writer if I don't have anything good to show."

It's distressing. Time after time I sit down to my desk or take out my notebook or my laptop to write something, and everytime I go away with nothing more than a blank page. That forbidding white screen or sheet just stares back at me and scares me.

How do you get past such a fear?

The End

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