Exams. The bane of everyone's life, of so it would seem. I, however, am not bothered by them.

Or at least I'm trying very hard not to be. The results come back in August, whereas we sat the exams in June. In fact, I can't even remember what the exams contained, except for one question which was really lousy, but I won't go into that. As soon as I exited the hall, I forgot everything about the exam, what I felt about it, whatthe questions were, what my answers were.

This is, I suppose, another way I'm different to most people: I don't care what I did in the exam. And at the end of the day, it doesn't. All that matters is that you get the grades you require to get where you want to go. I know I got them. Why worry.

I feel like I'm being forced to be worried, however. "Everyone gets nervous, it's all part of it." I wasn't nervous going into the exam, merely tense that I wouldn't get the grades I feel I deserve. I know this is basically nervous, but I knew that as long as I did to the best of my ability I would get them, the tenseness derived from the fact that I may not do my best due to a lack of nervousness.

Maybe nervousness is all part of it and I'm missing out on some really special moments where I bite my nails down the the finger (which I do anyway) and wait until 7am when the letter comes through the door on the 4th. Maybe I'm deliberately avoiding it, by trying to do more things, such as learning a programming language, writing more often, and attempting to learn the piano.

Distraction tactics. Well, this excercise is very helpful, and I actually have a blog in which I do precisely the same thing. The best way to get something off your chest is to publicly write it down on an electronic sheet of paper. I feel like I've gotten a big thing off my chest thanks to this, even though I didn't really talk about much.

The End

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