Waiting For November

I have a story whirring around in my head, its characters vivid and speaking in distant voices. As I think, prose begins to form in my head and scenes begin to write themselves. This story is something that I really want to write. So why don't I?

I am saving it for this November when I step up to the National Novel Writing Month plate for the first time. Yet a part of me wants to begin now. Somehow, I am maintaining enough self-discipline to stay away from beginning it now and breaking the NaNoWriMo rules.

So why am I telling people about it? Well, I need to write something, anything  to keep me from starting my November project. And even though I have tried hard to keep away from 'Truth In Chains', it always finds the way back to its nook inside my mind, as though she is Gretel, following the shining pebbles Hansel laid down earlier.

I am glad that she returns. I look forward to beginning this journey. Hopefully I'll be dedicated enough to finish. Why?

Well, I've just told you all, haven't I?

The End

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