Just random thoughts

I'm feeling a story chapter.

Well, not literally feeling, because that's just creepy. Well, not creepy, just... Ah great I've already made a fool of myself, and I can't backspace either so let me start over. I'm feeling a story chapter. I feel like writing one. Maybe one of my solos, or one of a collab. Which, I don't know.

Is writer's block real? Some people think so, others think not. I, myself, don't know. It could just be pure laziness, but I'd like to think my laziness has a name. Haha. No but seriously. I need inspiration. I haven't been getting any recently. And it sucks. 

This is starting to feel more like a diary entry, and I'm sure the people reading are going to be like 'Oh great, another teenage girl whining about things she can't achieve.' haha. I bet I was spot on. But I really do need inspiration. Music sometimes helps. Hmmm. I may have to do that. 

Currently watching a TV programme, some random thing about clothes. And shoemaking. And toys. Something about British Industrials. Some woman's crying on it. It doesn't look very interesting, but I'm only half paying attention.

I'm going to stop here, as I think I have made an idiot out of myself for long enough. :) Although it was rather fun!

The End

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