How do you change the world?

I feel I complain too much, a post complaining about complaining, I’ll let those of you with that kind of sense of humour revel in the irony of that, it hasn’t been lost on me.

Life is good, realistically it really is, but I seem to lack direction and that’s the bit that frustrates me. Endlessly. It will drift out of my mind for a period then reappear without warning making me question just what the heck it is I’m doing with life.

At 17, it seemed forgivable, it still did at 19, and 21 but I’ve hit my mid-20’s now and suddenly it seems less acceptable. Or is that just what the world tells me? Is that just society dictating that by THIS stage in my life I should know exactly what should be going on. That my position in society should be defined.

Which makes me ask. Why is it so unacceptable that in my mid-20’s I don’t know what life holds for me? Which isn’t actually entirely true. I have a vague direction. I want to change the world (don’t we all?) in my own small way.

And maybe this is why finding my place in the world is so bleeping hard, how do you go about changing the world? Where do you honestly start with this one?

I guess I can spend the next quarter decade trying to work that one out. But that doesn't help the now, the lack of direction is driving me nuts!

The End

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