A little pep talk for a dear love


we go through our lives burdened by sadness and loss. At moments these emotions take control. They control what we say and what we do. They cause us to fear failing things that in the moment feel like the difference between life and death, but when we look back upon them they were trivial.

We all feel this. We all experience the need for solidity and certainty.

So I'll just say to you that you have the talent and skill to do great things with your life no matter what the situation. You have the love of all your family and friends. You have a beauty that goes far beyond your surface. And you also have my heart forever. You'll never be a failure because you have all you could ever need.

So don't feel 'frazzled'. Relax and read these words; everything is going to be alright.

I love you. x

The End

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