Am I Rambling On Again?

This is my favourite kind of writing. Writing without any true thoughts of direction and watch with amazement as the inspiration flows into your fingertips and before you know it, you've written five paragraphs without a glance back at what you've wrote so far.

The only problem is what to write about. *Taps chin and stares off into the distance before giving up and checking the author's guidance.*

Ah! The weather. Well at the moment it can't seem to make up it's mind, though it has improved from yesterday. I ended up almost swimming to my physics exam yesterday, and I had to sit it in drenched clothing. (Sarcastically) Good times, good times.

Yeah, exam's aren't so bad when you know you haven't messed up in them. *Thinks dreadingly about Inform, Explain, Describe exam.* It's the revision I cannot stand. The hours and hours of staring dumbfounded at a textbook, trying not to laugh humourlessly when the people who write the book makes a lame joke/pun in the pathetic attempt to relieve the poor sod reading it of their torture. Lets face it, no matter how witty they are with their word choice, if the person revising does not particularly enjoy the subject, they probably could not care less.

Although for visual learners, like I find I am, funny pictures/diagrams are quite useful.

GAH! I have pins and needles in my foot now. DOUBLE GAH! Now it's in both of my feet. -.- I'm going to have to avoid walking down the stairs until they are gone now so my knees don't buckle and I fall down the stairs.

The best fall I've ever done in my life has to be the one I did after Explorer's. It was dark, I was standing on a hill and I was singing Sweet Transvestite (a song from the Rocky Horror Picture show). Don't ask me why. Anyway, I took a blind step forwards, stumbled, slipped, crashed down onto the muddy grass and rolled down the rest of the way. Because when I fall, I can't just fall, I have to - Toy Story Quote - "fall with style."

Well, I think I wasted enough of your time now. And if you got this far, which most of you who started reading this probably have not, then I'd like to congratulate you. Unfortunately you win no prizes, just the bitter satisfaction of knowing you have been robbed of a few precious minutes of your life.

But oh well, enjoy your life while you can't, but don't take it too seriously. After all, no one gets out alive. ;)

The End

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