I spend all week in preparation for that Monday, staring at my closet, looking in the mirror. I wonder what shirts, what shoes, should be worn, only to toss them aside. Never have I been set to such anxious wondering, pondering over my appearance, nervous over that day upcoming. In retrospect, it all seems foolish, materialistic. And yet, as I lay in darkness, the wondering infects my mind like a poison disease I cannot cure.

It is an annoyance, an itch at the back of my mind I just can't scratch. What does he think of me, if anything? Am I wasting my time? Why do I have to break-out today? Is he even looking?

Never have I experienced such an obsession. Does it mean I need therapy? Probably not. First crush? More than likely.

On second thought, is anyone a psychiatrist around here? 

The End

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