That Song Again

Because I heard that song again today. Ever time it comes on I think about her. God, I loved her. I'd have given her the sun and the moon and every god damn star in the sky. But she didnt want it, did she? Didnt want a damn thing.

Summer's here again. I remember that summer, when everything changed. She held me in her lap as I cried, stroked my hair and promised me that everything would be okay. In a way, I guess she wasnt even lying. Because I'm happy now. I have this beautiful life I made for myself. All because she told me I couldnt.

And I hope she's happy too, even if she doesnt deserve to be. Maybe I'll never understand it. But life isnt about understanding, is it? It's about living, making every f**king moment mean something.

Mean something. Please. Mean something.

When he holds me nothing else matters. She isnt even a thought in my head. He is my sun and moon and every god damn star in the sky. And she... she is the ghost of a memory. A bad dream. A series of blurs in the back of my mind.

But when I hear that song again, she'll be there.

The End

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