So much for lucky seventh

Goodbye my dear best friend. we argue now and then, here and there, and then make up, but how can that happen once again? "whatever." with that one word you ended the argument and our friendship because you were sick of the "sh*t". am i really that much of a burden to you? is it really that hard to know me? i know i have problems, but i keep as much as possible back from you so that i don't burden you, and now you're saying that even that is too much. fine. i won't tell you what i'm feeling in future, or anything for that matter....

if i'm that much of a problem for someone who i thought i could tell everything to, who told me i could and should confide all in him, how much pressure am i putting on everyone else i know? i'm so sorry everyone. i never wanted to put so much on all of you when i know that everyone has their own pile of rubbish to deal with. in my head i'm always repeating "it could always be worse. keep it in and quiet so that you can help other people who need you. deal with your own stuff later when people don't need you" and then i end up burdening people anyway and clearly hurting them with it. i am so so sorry.

The End

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