Five for the Christmas Star

Stille Nacht, Heiliger Nacht.... I just got back from Germany yeseterday, exploring the Christmas Markets and recapturing some of the magic of Christmas that just hasn't been there for the past [x] years. I guess christmas just hasn't been the same without my family together. This year though, I actually feel happy about christmas and I want to know that other people can enjoy it as well... I know that it's a terrible time for a lot of people, but maybe I'm just ridiculously, almost obsessively optimistic about things, but I want everyone to be at least happy at this time of year, and not feel like their world is about to collapse around them. I get to spend christmas this year bouncing between the places that ought to be home and yet I'm looking forward to it; not because of the people necessarily, but because I'll see people happy. Maybe I am simply a sucker for a happy ending, because I believe that it is entirely possible for everyone to get their happy ending, but otherwise, why would there be these little sparks of happiness in the world? I know that some people believe that it's just to make us all feel even worse, or others say that it is all just an illusion, an escape mechanism for the brain, a way to cope, but why not have just a touch more faith and believe that there is good in the world? Trust that it is entirely possible that there are good people in the world who are willing to help others at personal cost. Trust that not every single person in the world is only out for themselves, regardless of other people. Trust that somewhere in the world, there are always people who care, who love you, who wouldn't want terrible things to happen to you... who wish they could protect you.

The End

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