Third time lucky

For you alone are worthy.... god i love that song, except that the alto line is pretty boring and awkward at times theres so much cr*p going on like with school and whatever with the fact that i'm quite possibly being kicked out tomorrow morning and i have a CAMHS appointment tomorrow whoch kind of sucks seeing as mum has now said that she's not sure whether she can come with me or not because of the kitchen being redone wihich i wouldnt mind if it weren't for the fact that its supposed to be for seeing if i am depressed and after cryign all through counseling today... i just dont know and i want to see dad cos i miss him again and it just sucks. the only things that mum seems to care about lately is the cfact that i;m datin g someon older han me and that she can use it as an excuse even if she is just diong to me what nan did to her despite her saying that she never wanted to be to me what nan was to her whcih is exactly what she is doing, even if she doesnt ealise it even dad said ita when i was telling him what she had said/done. how am i supposed to tell her about rhys when she jumps to conclusions and lumps hinm in with the stereotypes that she thinks he supposedly fits into?


flaming hell, lots of mistakes and rubbish in there but *shrugs* what the hell x

The End

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