Second Round

Really ought to head to dad's to take back these dvds but thats still way too ridsky cos of mum. really want to go and see jane and ask whethe r the third time lucky thing really is that shes pregnant again which i rea;lly hope she is cos that would just be awesome especially after she miscarried last time i want  alittle sister, sure another brother woulf be good but ive always wanted a sister and 3 brother s ought to be enogugh. noushie wants me to go over and see her but i cba and she ill so that makes me feel bad but id rather sit and write and get on with things i wounder if her mums in so she could checkout the violin, get it tuned up an d fixed up aproperly ive fdone the best i can so far buti have no training or anything so i can only fix it to a certain ecxtent must find out my typewriter and do some work and get some CR2 batteries as well as some film. and i reallyl want to check out ebay for darkroom equipment cos i really want to have my own dark room cos tat would just be so cool though obviously a lot of work and probab;lt pretty expensive but that'd be cool to make my own prints


Ok, so once again rather a lot of rambling thoughts and mistakes, but oh well, it's certainly some things to think about and work on. x

The End

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