First go

So Rhys just text me, which was lovely, cos we've been together for 3 months now and he took me out last night to the broad leys the food was sooo delicious, and it was just a grreat evening in fgnereal i can't wait to see him agian. my wine is just sat on the side waiting for me to drink it still, which i might just do, though i really want to just drink the entire bottle wehich is a really bad idea cos i really don't want to get in trouble if i get drunk, cos that would really suck i still haven't resolved things wihth tom anfd its horrible. i hate arguing with him especially so i just sat and wrote that stupid letter ot give to him but i cant give it to him yet cos i dont know wherther im going home tonight so i dont know when ill be down by his to actually give it to him wihich kinda sucks so ill have to give it to him tomrrow in school and i have to get all my stuff ready in school tomorrow for next weeks issue of te furtive floydian, which would be alright if i knew what was going on but theres not a lot i can do abbout that theres so much stuf going on atm and i really want to go see dad but if i do and mum finds out shell kill me again


Ok, so there were a lot of mistakes in spelling and hardly any punctuation in that, but besides that, my brain is so full and still kinda brimming over with things to say. I'm thinking I might end up writing more shortly.

The End

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