Streams of Consciousness

The first chapter will explain everything.

A stream is a run or flow in a continuous current in a specified direction.

Consciousness is the awareness or perception of something by a person.

A stream of consciousness is the run or flow of awareness or perception in a continuous current (but not in any specified direction).

In other words, just write. Talk about whatever you want to talk about in your chapters. You could talk about the weather, or you could talk about the meaning of life. It really doesn't matter.

But it isn't all that simple. Here are the rules:

  • No backspace!! When you write something, it stays. Unless, of course, you made a typo. Then feel free to go back and fix it. But if you write something personal, that maybe you don't want in your chapter, then you must erase everything on the page and start all over again. This must be a complete stream of consciousness.
  • Title your stream of consciousness accordingly. If you talked about the weather, title the chapter "Weather" or something like that. And I forbid titling any of the chapters "Random" or "Randomness" or anything of that sort. That tells us nothing about the chapter. What is the subject? If there is no subject, then just quote one of your favorite parts in the chapter.
  • Let it flow. Write whatever you want to write. Just let your mind flow onto the keyboard.
  • You can write as many chapters as you want, but please let others go before you spam the story with chapters. :) Also, please try to have a slightly different subject with each submission.
  • Let the fun begin!!
The End

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