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When you go to sleep at night in the comfort of your bed, all you want to do is rest. However, according to Dr. Liebowitz of Beverly Hills, California you could be susceptible to harmful toxins that are released by your mattress.

How can you avoid this frightening hazard? By purchasing an organic wool mattress! Organic wool mattresses are lightweight, comfortable, and ensure your health every night of the week. These mattresses made of organic wool can give you a chemical free experience every time that you close your eyes. Companies that sell organic wool mattresses utilize a natural, organic, and renewable resource to give their patrons a fantastic mattress that won’t empty your pocket.

High quality organic wool mattresses can be found from a variety of manufacturers. A few of these include, but are not limited to, Surround Ewe, Shepherd’s Dream, and EarthSake. In a world where the environment is constantly being overlooked, organic wool mattresses offer a slew of advantages at a reasonable price.

Approximately one third of your life is spent in your bed, so don’t let your bed be riddled with synthetic poisons. Save yourself, your family, and the earth, by making one quick and easy purchase.


Organic goods are commonly accepted as being ‘better’ than manufactured product. In this article, we will discuss why organic wool materials are preferable to synthetic fibers.

Unnatural cloth is used all across the world mainly because of the economic advantage it provides its buyers. However, the harmful effect that this petroleum by product has on the earth outweighs the beneficially cheap prices. This type of yarn is not biodegradable, and also releases high amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment while being created. A global effort is being made to reduce our carbon footprint, and investing in organic wool materials is a great way to help the cause.

Organic wool is the most complex and breathable fabric known to man. It conforms to your body’s naturally occurring temperature. The creation of organic wool is monitored federally, to make sure that the contributing sheep have not been fed steroids, and no pesticides came contacted them. This is in order to ensure the animal’s, and your, safety. Among organic wool’s many advantageous attributes, it has the ability to absorb the body’s moisture through diffusion, eliminating any sweaty discomfort. As a completely decomposable source of yarn, organic wool is perfect for the eco-friendly home. 

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