Anyone But Myself

I have no idea who I am. It's that simple. Acutally, no, it's not. Not knowing who you are is horribly confusing.

I keep finding that my opinions and even my thoughts, are based on what I think others will think of them. I constantly think, "What would they think?" before I say something. Like the whole Twilight thing, I read it because my best friend at the time did, and I liked it. I can't tell if that is because she liked it and it gave us something to talk about, or if I really liked it. But now that everyone hates Twilight, I hate it too. It might be because I'm older now and realize what isn't so good about it, or if it's just because I want to fit in.

I don't usually voice my opinion, but when I do, I tend to have the same opinion as everyone else.

Only when I'm alone, do I realize this, though.


The End

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