Talking to Yourself

Anyone can join, just write anything that's strange and unique about you. Do more than one, that's perfectly fine! I know I will.

I talk to myself. Literally. Somewhere in my computer I keep a folder where I write little diaries full of conversations between two sides of myself. Makes me feel like Gollum, I just write there when I'm depressed and somehow it works.

The sad side writes, and the happy replies. I really don't get it! My music and I, we go into a little zone. Forget everything, everyone around you. Ever noticed I sometimes blank out? I'm either deep in thought, or my tablets aren't kicking in which is worrying. In fact, I think I'm getting black outs. Not good....

But I feel like 2 people, there's me writing on the odd numbers, and the bright side shaking her head in disapproval at me. I even have them drawn out, I need to cut them out and put them beside my mirror. Why mirror? It's the only space left, after all. I let my longest wall be my hunger games wall.

The down side, wearing her long, silky black dress in her flat black pumps. Long brown hair, covering one brown eye which constantly has a red ring around it. Always crying, her visible eye full of tears, her mouth in a concerned formation, her nose red from all the constant nose blowing as if she had a cold. Sulking in her chair, what looks like a shadow. She hides in the dark, only appearing to complain with the good side of me. 

The bright side, wearing her short floral dress, bright blue eyes, a giant smile on her clear, tearless face. Her sandy blonde hair, resting gently on her petit shoulders. Rosey pink cheeks, mascara, eye liner, she enjoys her make-up. Her magenta shoes with a slight heel slightly lifted off the ground as if she might fly away like a bird. She looks up at an apple tree, during the spring, in full bloom. Always out in the open, a friendly person, outgoing and confident girl. Ready to take the down side of me, take in what she has to say and always turn her into the merged self.

When they merge they create a normal girl, quiet, hard working, quite shy and has a very good sense of humour. Her medium blonde hair gently resting on her shoulders, her fringe almost covering her eye, but the bright side refuses to let her do that. She wears casual clothes, occasional can be quite fashionable, not a very make-up person, sometimes nail varnish but that's all. Enjoy puzzles and logical things, very spontaneous at times, when around close friends. Not very popular, but she doesn't mind. Usually surrounded by books, listening to music, quietly and peacefully, alone.

And this merge, is me.

The End

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