Sergeant Conway: Where's my Captain?Mature

I watched as the tiny child walked away. Out of all the people that deserved to live, he got picked. A snot nosed brat with nose length hair tied in a red ponytail, with pinkish red eyes. I wish someone a bit more useful was sparred. 

"If I have to spend the rest of my life on an Island with that ungrateful child, I'm gonna-" I stopped mid-sentence at the sound of my stomach's growls. Again I turned to my sea bag, when all else fails turn to MRE's. After digging through the olive drab pack I found what I was looking for. A package half the size of a cereal box covered in brown plastic. I found the small tear with the directions printed near it. TEAR HERE. Happily, I tore open the plastic. Inside sat small flat boxes of condensed food. I pulled out of of the boxes. Printed across the front along with the nutritional facts was CHOCOLATE POUND CAKE. 

"Thank the United States Marine Corps!" I ripped open the box, happily taking a small piece of the chocolaty delight. As I chewed, musing at how long I might be stuck here in this so-called "Paradise". I furrowed my brow as I finished half of the pastry, I'll have to ration this if i'm going to survive. Carefully I packed the rest of the cake back in it's container then back into the MRE bag. I had to waste nothing, because in an emergency situation everything could be useful. After tucking the MRE back into the sea bag I found my desert camo canteen and took a swig of water. It was like heaven to my parched mouth. 

"There's only one more thing I need," I said to myself, smiling. "Just a bit rum, some Captain Morgan." I chuckled to myself remembering one of my favorite movies to watch in Afghanistan, Pirates of the Caribbean. Quoting one of my favorite lines by Jack Sparrow, I held up my canteen. 

"Why is all the rum gone?" I mocked the quote. I put the canteen away and threw my pack on my back. "Well if I'm in Paradise, I'd better make the best of it and build shelter." I headed further up the beach towards the tropical canopy. 


The End

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