Haruto Romano: A FindingMature

Synopsis of the story: Plane crash, lots of people dead, current survivors: Haruto, SGT. Conway, Olive. Haruto Finds SGT. Conway, then walks away and finds Olive. STORY SO FAR!

So I had just met Olive and she helped me with my headache. THANK YOU! I decided to do more exploring. As I was walking I saw lots of tropical looking trees. Along with tucans and monkeys. I saw this really huge spider and I literally screamed because I HATE spiders. They freak me out so much. Anyways I walked to a lake. It was really cool. I was looking around and I saw something far out in the distant. I had walked up to it and it turned out to be a person! How....maybe? Maybe this person had fallen from the plane? or perhaps walked away from the plane to this lake and collapsed here? The person was a female. She had nice hair, Long and it looked really silky. She was caucasian and I had much struggle bringing her back to where Olive was.

"Olive! I found a person!" "Really? Here let me help." We set the woman down on the sand. Olive had managed to make a fire. That should help us for tonight. I asked her to take care of the lady while I go hunt. That was my specialty, hunting. I used to go all the time with my dad and his friends. I am usually against killing, but hunting for animals can be very useful. I have to make a spear.....

The End

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