Haruto Romano: ExploringMature

I passed out because I was scared. I had woken up because I had this horrible headache. I checked my body to see if I had any injuries....no major injuries, only minor. I unbuckled and shouted "HELLO? IS ANYBODY THERE?" No reply. I heard movement come from outside.

I had walked outside and I saw a man. He looked like he used to be in a war. I walked up to him and tried to talk. The man spoke first. "How, out of all those adults, a kid survive?" I could have hurt him right there and now. "I am not a kid, do I look seven?"The man replied "Yes you do." "How rude." and I walked off.

I didn't know where I was going but I hoped it was away from him. How did my cuteness and charm not affect him. Well I guess he was in a war or something so that could have hardened him up. I walked up to a beach and I had seen a woman. She was just standing there, gazing out towards the sea.

I didn't know what to do. Hopefully she wasn't mean like that man. I walked up to her. "Excuse me? Did you come from the plane that had crashed?" "Yes I have. Are you hurt? I was a doctor at NHS. What's your name?" "My name? It's Haruto. Haruto Romano. What's yours?" "Mine. It's.....O-olive." 

Why did she hesitate? Well, she might be helpful. I guess I'll stick with this lady.

The End

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