Falling (Dyerz)Mature

I looked around the aircraft, everyone was just staying in their seats. Yeah, let's just stay here and wait to die. Where would they keep the parachutes? I sprinted to the back of the airplane, ignoring the flight attendantes calls. On the wall was a glass case with parachutes. I smashed it open and yanked one out. I fumbled with the straps, trying to figure out how to put it on. Wait, if we're too low, I won't even be able to use the parachute! I looked to my left and found the door. I yanked it open and got sucked out of the plane, screaming. I tumbled, catching glimpses of the plane falling into the clouds. Air roared and deafened me. I fumbled with my parachute, trying to buckle my straps together. The buckle refused to co-operate and my hands were freezing. My view suddenly filled with white, my hands almost obscured. I tumbled, trying to make sense of my surroundings. The white ended and a blue sea stretched below me. 

No time, gotta pull the cord! I reached back and grabbed a cord. It still felt like I was falling, fast. Why isn't this working? I looked behind me and saw a tiny parachute. I had pulled the backup parachute. Can I still pull the real parachute? No, can't risk it. 

An island stretched out below, a tiny speck. The air started becoming warmer. The island grew, until it seemed that I could touch it. The wind pushed me towards a mountain.I put my hands in front of me as I hit the rocky side, bouncing. I spun, mixing a world of grey, green and blue. I heard leaves as I stopped. Dizzy, I looked below twelve feet and saw a rocky slope. I looked above and found my parachute caught on the edge of a cliff. 

The End

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