Haruto Romano: Going downMature

'When am I getting home?' I thought to myself. I was on the plane going home from New York City. Home was Vancouver. I was on the plane by myself (not including people I don't know) and I was a bit nervous.

"*BZZ* Um excuse us passengers *BZ* we have an engine malfunction. Don't worry we still have 3 more." I talked to the person next to me," Do you think were gonna crash?" "No, I don't think so. The plane runs on four engines so, it would be very rare for us to crash. " Some how I don't think what he was saying was true.

Again the intercom thing went off until we were at our last engine. "You said we wouldn't crash*argry face*" the man replied "I said it was rare that we would crash."

And so our last engine went off and we started plunging down. We were over ocean so I think the water would break our fall but I don't know? I decided to look out the window and we were heading to an island. 'Please don't die, please don't die.' I thought to myself.

We were a 50 feet away from the island and almost dead. Well I had a good 13 years.

The End

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