Stranded (Island)Mature

When a group of people were heading back to Vancouver B.C. from New York City. They had an engine malfunction and the plane starts heading to the ground. It's up to the remaining survivors to help eachother or split up. and if they give up hope they will just die.

So a group of people got in a plane crash. Many have died lots are injured and some are just have just minor injuries. It's the people who have little to no injuries and are strong can go back to the city they were trying to get to.

So right now the plane crashed on an unknown island. Only 4 people have been discovered from the plane crash as everybody was unconcious.

The 4 survivors wake up. they try and find others that are alive. they find a few and maybe others have already woken up and are somewhere on the island?

So we are starting on an island. maybe next we will be in like a submarine or something

The End

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