Amelia 2

Dear Diary,

The first day of Year 11 is over! (only about three hundred and something to go) Anyway, it was ok I guess. I met up with all my friends, it was great to see them again. I had some new teachers, Mrs Reed for English, (ugh, kill me now!) and a new teacher for Biology. I say new, he's about fifty. His name's Mr Sandhurst, and he just loves plants! (brilliant). Then again, teachers are new every year, and I don't really care about it that much really, but there were some new students, and that's always interesting!

There's this new girl called Hannah. She's really friendly and I hope we become good friends. There's also this new guy called Darren, he's a real flirt and quite fit :) (fingers crossed!) There was another new guy, I think his name was Ryan? He was quite mysterious, quiet but I don't get the feeling he's shy. He smiled at me, and he seems nice enough. I guess I'll talk to him tomorrow, we should be in the same German class. 

'Till tomorrow!

Amelia x

The End

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