Straight Line Curves

A collaborative piece between me and Alice (aka WackyWeasel) - It's about the journey of two people, a boy and a girl, starting from year 11 and finishing through to sixth form... Hope y'all like it folks :D

Ryan's  Diary - 07/09/2010

It's another morning. I wake up, with that all too familiar feeling of monotony and misery. In another year, maybe things will be different - but maybe they won't. My back aches, and my arms creak as they reach out over the duvet. This must look like Night of the Living Dead, and I've definitely risen from the grave...

I didn't really want to go to school today, I had that dull repetitive feeling in my mind, like when you have a bad song stuck in your head; You don't want it to be there, but it inevitably lingers over you. But school, it doesn't really matter I have other things on my mind.

There's so many more things for me to worry about, I end up spending my lunches just sitting there thinking. I guess my only option is to list out my problems one by one, maybe writing them will make me feel better. The first one is Amelia...

The End

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