Her hand twitched on the floor in a bloody pool.

Helen Brindage was an unhappy housewife who was being beaten by her alcoholic low-life husband.  She would get home from her grueling day of work, which she had to do to support her and her husband.  Coming home to find not only was Jack on the recliner drunk, but now she had to make dinner as well was never easy.  It was bad enough she had to be the sole income of the house, but now she had to be a housewife too.

"Hello, Jack."

"Helen, why isn't dinner ready?"

"I've just made it home.  I'll start it now."

"Damn right."

Helen breathed a deep sigh as she turned to lay her coat over a dark wooden kitchen chair.  She reached across the counter into a bowl of potatoes and grabbed three.  She opened the drawer directly in front of her abdomen and reached in to pull out a peeler.  Shaving the potatoes over the garbage can, she threw the finished ones in the sink.  Each time she would pull off a layer of skin, she would imagine it being her husband's neck.  She despised the man, but couldn't manage to end their fourteen-year marriage.  When she was done she leaned over the sink, holding her self up.  Helen took several deep breathes to calm herself down.

The carrots were next.  They were in the bottom drawer of the fridge.  Each carrot was pulled out of the bag, one at a time.  Helen imagined taking the large blade to cut the carrots as the knife she could kill Jack with.  Jack wanted the carrots to be cut into little pieces, no big chunks.  She was on her last carrot.  When she lifted the sharp blade in the air, Jack called out, "Helen, hurry the hell up."  The noise surprised her and she turned to the left, but from the jerking of her body so abruptly, she forgot the stop the knife.  

Her right hand flew down and hit her right on her left wrist.  It cut right through the skin, cartilage, and bone.  These were high quality knives.  Her hand slid off the carrot, over the counter, down to the floor.  Blood poured from both the hand and her arm, which now stopped sort at her wrist.  Her hand twitched on the floor in a bloody pool.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fell to the floor.

The End

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