Anyone - Let’s pretend we’re dead.. No, let’s make a lot of noise.. No, don’t run! Wait for me!

'Let's pretend we're dead... No, let's make a lot of noise... No, don't run! Wait for me!'

But the other two were already gone, and her screams echoed throughout the tunnel as they escaped towards the light.

She swung her head back to face the bear that had been edging its way toward her all this time. It was too late to run now - if she made any sudden movements, she'd be cut to ribbons.

Those stupid cowards she thought. If they had just listened to me. Play dead, it doesn't bother with us. Make a lot of noise, it thinks we're more threatening than we actually are. But run away and leave your friend... She was going to be having very stern words with Jason and Mandy when she got out of here.

If she got out of here.

She could smell the beast's hot breath against her face - taste all of its previous meals as if they had been her own.

She had never ben so scared in her entire life, and she ws almost certain that this was going to be the end of it.

The End

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