Anyone - "They're everywhere," he whispered in awed admiration

The leaves rustled as Jeremy stepped on them.  The branches flung back as he pushed them out of his way.  He looked up and saw the smoke rising from the middle of the woods.

Lightning bolts rippled through the sky, until Jeremy saw one hit the center of the trees.  He had to investigate.

The smell of smoke filled the air as he got closer to the burning tree.  He knew he was close because the smoke started to fill his lungs.  He finally saw the tree split open through the haze.

This redwood pillar soared high above the rest of the oak stacks.  The tree was at least 10 feet in diameter, and open so you could see deep inside the roots.  Jeremy looked in and saw a light; he climbed inside slid down into where roots should be to find himself on a platform.  in shock, his eyes widened to see at least a hundred gnomes sorting through what appeared to be treasure.  "They're everywhere," he whispered in awed admiration.  They continued to hustle along with the sorting of their treasure.

Jeremy turned to his left and saw a spiral staircase that he had to crawl down because of his height.  When he reached the floor, he stayed down, so he would remain unnoticed.

The gnomes were about two feet tall and had little stubby bodies.  Their hands were the size of a babies, although they had droopy eyes like the elderly.

Jeremy soon realized that his lungs were still filled with smoke and he had to get it out.  He tried to stop, but his throat needed to exhale.  His wheeze echoed through the underground treasure trove and every single gnome turned and stopped.  Finally, one appeared from the front of the crowd.  "Get him!" he exclaimed.  Jeremy's last sight was of hundreds of gnomes devouring him.  However, his last thought was "Wow, gnomes sure are vicious."

The End

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