Anyone - dancing alone in the dark

She always came back here to the pub,when she wanted some time alone, and barely into the new year ,now that she was nurturing a new life inside here she came back for some need alone time.As little as her husband would allow her,that is.

She almost glide thru the floor when with a touch of her hand the music box played one of her favourite  tunnes.

" Mmmm..."

That is what she craved for the last couple of weeks,blisseful silence.

He stood in the dark,she had left only the spotlight in the center of the room on,her song played quietly in the night and her face glowed with happiness for the first time in weeks.Their child safely inside her,she rested one hand on her lower belly,dough no signs showed yet,he knew she was sending thoughts of love to him.It was tearing him apart that since she had come back she spend more and more time taking care of every one else and less and less thinking of herself.She refused to came and see Cassandra,and he knew her sister had tried to make contact with her,he had little clue what was going inside her head,only on their bedroom he recognize her,there is wife,his Carla came back to life,there she was trully his,and yet...

His heart told him this couldn`t go on...


In her mind she knew he would not allow her to keep quiet for so long,in fact she was suprised that he had allowed this to continue .Her husband wasn`t known for his subtetly.And that made her smile.


Her smile made him angry,again she only seemed to relax here away from their home,away from him,well that stop now....


" You are mine,always."

She didn`t even open her eyes,less than a second,her husband was finally showing his true colours,and she couldn`t be more happy.

" Did i ever implied otherwise ?"And kept dancing to a tune that was ment for her,for them.

He didn`t know why but her defience to open her eyes and acknowledge him,somehow hurt more than anything else she could have done.

" You shouldn`t have married me,if you didn`t want to,independent of the outcame for all of us."His voice went lower and lower as he spoke,finally finishing in a wisper as the last ones left his beautiful mouth.


"No,i couldn`t.I always wanted to marry you,that never changed.Even before all that happen.I now we never spoke of the reason why i left but now we can`t avoid it anymore,you are hurting and so am i,so talk..."

His eyes connected with hers.And in them he found the strenght to become vunerable and he knew she would never fail him,he didn`t know how or why but this much he knew,she had loved him from the first look,and since then with all her family angry att her and the figths,she always stood by him,in the end it had almost cost him their child and her.

But being true to herself she had safe them all ,alone.

And that was what cut deep whithin him,the fact she had been alone,that he was not there for here,disregard the fact that had the time he had been hurt by a wound inflected on him by none other than her mother,no he could forgive a lot ,but to know that they had yet to deal with the B***,was asking too much of him,and by allowing her to read his thoughts,he poured all of him into her,and waited.


She never blaimed him,her mother wanted Cass to united with his family not her last born,Herself,so in the process of being introduce to them in a festive party,they had lock eyes and as they say that had been it,from there on it was all about their love,and mother had been angry,so angry that she had blasted a God bolt against him when she found out that he had help Cass came to the realm of humans,and that her youngest was pregnant.

Oh,yes.She had been angry but to go from there and ask for her unborn child in return of allowing Cass to stay behind and live with Sly,that had been a mistake.

Because she never had stood against her mother in any matter,but this had been too much.

To ask such a thing had finally unlocked all of her powers,as the last born child of the fates,it was her destiny to decide the outcame of all in her charge as a God,she and she alone decided over the realm of humans.

By being her twin Cass shared some of the same powers and yet she had declined them because of the love for one man,Sly...

With one demand her mother had help create who she was today,and in her,a  child reside now.

Her son,and in the process of demanding so much her mother had fated the outcame of her actions.

Her son would rule with a human she had seen that much: both worlds united by choice,by love...

She had yet to admit that much to him,and know she shared everything she knew with her other half.


" You jest surely ? A human and our son ?"He could see in her face that nothing would prevent destiny on its outcame,and since his wife pretty much was in charge of  IT,he trust her,but that little girl, a queen !!...


She envolded her body around his,know that she had shared with him the future only one thing remained to be delt with.

Her mother...


The music played on,two bodies united as one,they dance alone in the dark,here in the pub.

" Mine...For all eternity."

She didn`t denied his words,just smiled to herself and secure in his arms kept on dancing...

The End

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