Livebreathefootball - I watched in horror at the thing coming out of the cave

I watched in horror at the thing coming out of the cave, it's red eyes gleaming in the dark against the beam of my flashlight.

It had been peaceful all afternoon, the quiet hike with the friends up the mountainside, with our packs on our backs and the birds chirping in the summer sun. Well, it had almost been peaceful, see, Gus, the fat guy in our group, somehow found out about our little camping trip, i think it was from Gary, and decided to tag along, being all macho saying he could handle the walk. The first few hours of the hike was ok, listening to Gus' lame jokes and unbelievable stories about him doing it with beautiful busty blondes at the playboy mansion kept us laughing and preoccupied. But when he started to lose momentum and whined about his chafing, then it got annoying, we did get him back though.

The guys and I were in the front, of course, being more agile then the rotund walking buffet huffing and puffing in the back. There was a hill that dipped over at one stop, and on the other side of it, there were plenty of trees and shrugs to hide behind, so when we were all over the top and hidden away from Gus, we scattered, I dove into some bushes, im not sure where the other guys went, but peaking through the berries and leaves at Gus as he hobbled over the hill and seeing him panic at us not being there was priceless! We all cracked up laughing and couldn't hide anymore, wish we did, because Gus snapped, we all had to run for our lives up the hill as he switched into a gear that we hadn't seen his tree trunk legs use all day. When we finally made it to the cave, where Gus ended up collapsing, we set up and each headed out to look for firewood. The cave had a big entrance way, you could fit a few Gus' side-by-side and fill the opening.

The guys and I made it back to the campsite before Gus did so we decided to pull another little prank on it. We hid again, behind the rocks around the cave, there was no way for Gus to see us. So, when he came back with his firewood, he put his pieces onto ours and assuming we were around somewhere, he called out for us. I called back saying that we were inside the cave, echoing my voice for effect. He grabbed a flashlight from his bag and stumbled into the depths of the cave. The guys and I came out of hiding, laughing and calling him back, but after a few minutes of standing there waiting for him, we figured something happened. We grab our flashlights and stepped into the darkness. A few feet in and we could smell the sickly sweet iron of blood. Gus' body lay stretched out, his eyes bulging out in our direction, tongue drooping out of his mouth, sticking in the dirt and blood mixture. A rapid clicking noise emerged from behind him and a head popped out. We flashed our lights at it, and it stared, it's head cocked to the side, the red eyes sizing us up. It reached into the already opened wound it had made on Gus and ripped out a long line of intestine, putting in into both hands and still looking at us, flicking back and forth between all of us, took a large bite. While chewing, it made that rapid clicking noise again, it’s ears vibrating back and forth quickly. We heard rocks crackling above us and saw at least a dozen red eyes staring back at us. I ran and was the only one to make it out of the cave that day.

The End

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