Darkliquid: "I gave you my heart," he said. "Ah, yes..." she replied, "but I gave you my kidney."

Thus it had been on every Valentines day. Jodie and Matthew had always sought to out do each other in every act of love.

It had started out mundanely enough. A single rose answered next year by an entire bouquet. The year after that, an entire rose garden. The next serve on the tennis court of love bought Jodie a diamond ring. The next bought Matthew a diamond and platinum watch.

They loved each other so much, but they were both stubborn and could never live with being outdone. To an outside observer one might have thought they'd have hated each other after the constant competition they lived in, but it was a competition of love and with every victory they only loved each other all the more, not only for the lavish gifts they received, but also for the chance to one up each other once again.

And so, on their death beds, after many years of love and oneupmanship, they croaked to each other.

"I gave you my heart." The elderly Matthew smiled, confident that he had finally won the game for it was indeed his heart that beat in his wife's chest, he himself relying on a machine to keep him alive in the final moments of his life.

"Ah yes, but I gave you my kidney." she replied, smiling also confident. "Without that, you wouldn't have surived to give me that gift."

Matthew frowned with a smile. He felt his time coming and had a final thought.

"Okay, my love. I give you this. I conceed. You win."

Jodie coughed, surprised and shocked. Tears came to her eyes. She too felt her final moments coming, so she gave him one final gift.

"Oh my love. I accept."

With that they passed from life, their hands clutching each others. Perhaps it was irony or perhaps it was beauty and love that had done it.

In the end, they had both won.

The End

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