ElshaHawk - "I think it's a bad idea because cats don't like the color green, honey."

I told my Kindergartener. Really, his Daddy was allergic to cats so this was just an excuse not to get one for Christmas and put it under the tree as was previously requested by the inquisitive son.

"They like green!" his sing-song voice laughed and he flashed his dimples at me in a smile. "They like green because it's my favorite color!" He boasted. "See that one there?" He pointed to a gray tabby behind the plexiglass, "That one likes red. See his collar?"

"Yes dear, He does have a red collar on, but we're not getting a cat for Christmas."

"Ceasar would eat it?" He asked, referring to our dog.

"Yeah, probably. Come on, let's go look at the hamsters."

Why had we come inside the pet store today? I certainly wasn't buying anything. Oh yeah. He was tired of Mommy shopping for clothes next door and I promised him if he behaved I would take him next door to look at the pets.

"Mommy! Look at that!" He pulled me to the ferret display.

"Those are ferrets. Your Daddy used to have one."

"Can we get one?"


"They cost too much?"


This was the reason given for most everything, though as he read the price sticker to me I began to wonder how long I could keep using that excuse. He was getting smarter every week and soon those number would have value and meaning. I pictured my son top of his class, awarded for some achievement.

"That ferret just pooped with its butt!"

"Yes they do that." I sighed. And the genius moment fades.

The End

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