THX 0477 - "Why do they call it 'losing your virginity'? If you're an active participant, it's not lost."

"Why do they call it 'losing your virginity'?  If you're an active participant, it's not lost."

It was at this point that I nearly sideswiped a minivan on the narrow portion of Main Street.  Obviously, this was not the best time for a jarring question such as that.  Granted, I wouldn't expect my eight year old daughter to realize that.

Regaining control of the car, I calmly answered, "Well, sweetie, whether it's taken, sold, or given away, something you don't have any more is lost to you.  People lose things on purpose all the time."

She queried sweetly, "Like children?"

It was at that point that I nearly rebounded out of the pothole into the fire hydrant, missing it by less than a foot.  I was beginning to wonder if the three cups of coffee had been enough.  Or maybe it had been too much.

A deep, cleansing breath later, I tried, "Sweetie, most...and I mean like almost, almost all of the time, people don't ever intentionally lose their children.  Mommies and daddies love their children and want to keep them safe."

Taking a thoughtful moment to consider the passing storefronts, she then said quite sincerely, "Thanks for keeping me safe, dad...most of the time."

It was at this point that I peed myself, just a little bit.  The implications of that little statement addled my paternal mind.  Keeping the car squarely on the road I tried to push them away.

As calmly as fatherly possible, I asked, "What exactly do you mean by most of the time?"

"Come on, dad.  You're driving's been pretty erratic today."

The End

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