Anyone - I'd never killed anyone before, so I wasn't prepared for the force of emotion that came over me as he dropped to the ground.

I had never killed anyone before so I was not prepared for the force of emotion that came over me as he dropped to the ground. My husband's body thud onto the marble floor and it echoed. I akwardly reached out and tried to catch him and ended up stabbing him again. I looked at my knifed hand and tossed the knife aside. It slid accross the floor and hit the side of her keds. Melanie was suppose to be at that party and then sleeping over at her friends house.

Melanie gasped and muttered " Mom..."

" It's all over baby..." I croaked

I slowly walked over to her. I wanted to run to her but she was looking at me as if I was a stranger. We weren``t one of those close knit familes...After I had married again, for the third time I became everything Melanie despised: Flighty, uncertain, desparate...There's more I'm sure.

I wiped of my bloodly hands on my white slacks. When the worest of it was gone I cupped my daughter's face and ran my hands down her back protectively. She slowly lende into me and looked over my shoulder, at her step father. My husband.

I didn't really want him dead. I just wanted it to stop. It was baptism our of fire...our clean break.

I pushed her away and shouted " Don,t look at that sack of sh-"

It was the wrong thing to say Melanie's eyes were watering and her breath was coming out in short spurts like she was going to start hyperventilating. I tried to pull her close to me again bbut she wouldn<t have it. Melanie crumpled up over him. Holding him close. I adverted my eyes and started crying into my blazer.

" Why do you have to destroy everything I love?" Melanie screeched

" Melanie your fourteen..."

" Don't give me that s**** Mom! Love is still love! But all you care about is your designer closes and-"

" What he did to you was unforgiveable" I muttered

I slowly leaned down and sat accross from her. As usual he came between us...Melanie gritted her teeth and looked down at the man we had both loved. I could tell she wanted nothing more than to see me rot in prison but she was torn by need. She was filled with it. Overcome by it. It drove her to seek things, things that were not acceptable.

`` So what know?` Melanie muttered

`` Know I atone`` I muttered

I looked at the knife and looked at Melanie. Know she was all bloody too. Soiled by him again. I choaked down the rage. Once I was in control, I looked at my daughter.

`` Who else knows your here?``

`` What are you going to kill me too?` She spat back.

I shouted `` Who else knows your here?!``

`` `Just Jayne`` Melanie whispered uncertainly

`` Go tell Jayne you changed your mind about going to that party``

`` How did you know about that party?`Melanie asked

`` I`m your mother. Mother's know everything and I read your text messages`` I admited

Melanie made a throaty noise of disapproval but didn,t pursue the topic further. She scowled at me and said `` I hate you. I hope you know that``

`` Get changed and go to the party. Don't come back here. Your aunt will come to pick you up later`` I said numbly

`` Where will you be?``

`` We will meet up after I,ve delt with the police``

Melanie slowly walked up the marbled steps. I waited impatiently for her to change. I grimaced at her jean belt she kept insisting was a skirt. She smiled coldly at me. Daring me to say something. I didn't want things to end like this. I had spend too much of our time picking fights. I dug in my pocket and dug out a stack of money and I handed it out to her.

`` Don't go in a car with a drunk driver and don't you dare come here``I said numbly

`` Kay`` She said akwardly

Melanie slowly walked out backwards like there was more she wanted to say. Her face had lost it's coldness. Her need wouldn't let her sever another tie. I justed nodded and let her go. My sister was more nurturing than me anyway. She had a stable family, well adjusted kids. Thing would be better this way.

I ran to the window as soon as Melanie was well out of sight, I ran upstairs and grabbed Melanie's bloody clothes. I threw them down the stairs. They fell and blanketed him. I ran down the hall and snached one of the hurricane lamps. I watched myself slam it on top of him. I watched the glass smash and slide accross the floor. I watched the large candle tip over and the flames burnt up all my sins.

I drapped a blanket around my shoulders went outside and waited for the long arm of the law. Our security commany would call the fire deparment soon. I could here the smoke detectors going off. I smiled and muttered `` Everything will be right, now``

The End

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