anyone - "Just wait until your father comes home."


“Just wait until your father comes home.” She threatened. " I swear to all Holy Lord!"

In one graceful swoop I grabbed the black duffel bag, three hundred dollars cash she was saving for my tuition, fingered her for the last time “I won’t have to CONNIE!” and slammed the frozen door behind me.

Just as casually as the day before I walked away from my life and into the downtown bus shelter. I was doing it this time, if she wouldn’t leave I would.

I took out one hundred dollars stuffing the remainder into my bra for safe keeping and boarded a bus to the farthest place I could imagine: Montreal, Canada. I had always dreamed of a life alone, away from his hands and her self-pity, and now I was getting it in the cold white north.

As the bus pulled away I knew for certain this was going to be a long ride. I sat alone yet somehow next to every slobbering child in the Tri-state area. The seats smelt questionable, and already three people had shouldered me on their way to the urine filled closet this bus called a bathroom.

Riding a public bus is like being forever suspended in a pit of someone else’s vomit. I was freezing cold, then swelteringly hot, I had four children pull my hair for no apparent reason to no consideration by the genetic copies who bore them, I was forced to sleep on a rolled up sweater, and covered in human debris but by three in the morning on day two I knew I was moving in the right direction as we crossed the state line into New York State and headed for the last stop before the Canadian border Buffalo NY. I sang the name in my head and turned to grab the last power bar at the bottom of my bag. I WAS FREE!


The End

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