thebetweenspace: All you need is love.

"All You Need Is Love," Martin said. "That song has always bothered me a little bit."

"And why is that?" Ted replied. "I think it's a beautiful sentiment."

"Why? Because it's simply not true. Think about it. You can live without love. It sucks-- I wouldn't suggest it-- but you can do it. What things can't you live without? Food. Air. Water. (Some might argue Shelter.)"

"All you need is Food, Air and Water (Some Might Argue Shelter) isn't quite as catchy, though. It doesn't jump off the page."

"Besides, I think it's a little inappropriate to sing, 'All you need is love' when you're making millions of dollars."

"So, the title should be All You Need Is Food, Air And Water (Some Might Argue Shelter) And A Million Dollars?"

"Precisely. Though, come to think of it, sex is necessary or our species would cease to exist."

"Okay, that title's way too long. I won't even say it. Not to mention, you're literalism is ridiculous."

"You know what else is ridiculous?"



"Can't argue with you there."

The End

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