Anyone - "Will you stop laughing?!" she shouted, blushing. "It's not that funny!"

" Will you stop laughing?! " She shouted, blushing " It's not that funny!"

But no one was paying attention to her they all watched the Kleenex bob up and down in the pool. Nat grabbed the closes piece and tried to crumple it up. Then she threw it over the side of the pool.

Sam grunted and pointed to the pools vents " Nat your boobs are getting stuck in the vents"

Nat gritted and grinded her teeth into a fine dust, as she suffered in silence. This just wasn't a pool party. It was her party. Her night. Tonight was suppose to be the night Derek noticed she was alive. But he looked at her like she was a twit. Maybe she was for padding her bathing suit with folded piles of Kleenex. Maybe socks would have worked better? But what did he expect when he started going after stacked b****.

Nat said anonyed" Enough jokes at my expense, who isn't insecure about some part of themselves?"

The End

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