SaveTheUnicorns - Corky, of all people put up his dukes

       Corky, of all people put up his dukes. He and a few of his buddies had gotten into a scuffle outside of the little corner shop.

         There was Micky, as well as Little Biff and Big Miff. They were Corky's cronies, and they had just won a bet with Murphy's gang.

Micky had bet Murphy that he could balance 20 peas on his spoon for 24 seconds. Micky had indeed succeeded, but Murphy and his crew had ran out of the pub without giving Micky and his friends the money they had promised.

         "Come back here, you rascals!" Little Biff shouted. "Or I'll pound you into the ground!"

          When Micky, Little Biff, Big Miff, and Corky finally caught up with the other group, they were breathless and tired from running. Murphy's cronies were pretty exhausted too. Unfortunately for them, they were on a dead end street a block or so away from the pub. There was virtually nowhere to run.

         "Alright, suckers. We'll settle this the old fashioned way. So who wanna fight me and my dudes?" Murphy sneered spitefully.

           He wasn't an extremely big guy, but his right hand man, Stonewall Steve, was a hulk.

           Micky's boys were frightened, but they did their best to hide it. There was a silence among them, and they all stared at one another.

           "C'mon! Are you sissies too chicken! Ha haaa! I reckon so! You cowards think balancing peas can get you further in life than a face to face fight! Well I've got news for you sissies. Real men aren't afraid to take a few blows. Any takers?"

        Corky stood there solemnly, the only one positioned to fight. This surprised a good many of them, since Corky was known to be the least aggressive of them all.

He wasn't quite as short as Little Biff, but he was scrawnier. Corky transfixed his intent hazel eyes on the bugling figure that stood before him.

       "I'm not scared," Corky said.

Murphy chuckled. "Well, well, well. What do we have here? A mama's boy tryin' to act all brave to impress his buddies. How cute. I bet your mama wants you home by now. It's probably past your bedtime!" he laughed cruelly.

Still, Corky stood in his position, fists remained clenched. He was like a marble figure.

Everything happened unbelievably fast. Corky sprung at Stonewall Steve, and they swiftly wrestled. Corky was quick and poised, and he knew just how to sneak up on Stonewall.

     With one final blow, Stonewall Steve was out cold, red blood trickling down his face.

Corky stood over the now defeated hulk with immense pride. Everyone's mouth was wide open in shock.

   For once, even Murphy was speechless. "Whoa, baby!" was all he could utter a few minutes later.

   "I think you have some green you owe us," Big Miff reminded the other group with a smug smirk.

   Murphy looked at the ground. "Well, I reckon there's no getting outta this one." He spit on the street.

      Micky, Big Miff, and Little Biff took the money out of the pockets of Murphy and his gang. Corky just stood there.

"Hey, Corky. You were amazing when you wrangled with 'ol Stonewall. Way to go, man!" Big Miff said, patting Corky on the back.

    The gang cheered for him, and Little Biff piped up, "I guess Corky finally blew his cork!"

    "We'll be back next time!" Murphy growled. But Corky and his buddies kept on walking.

    "So where'd ya learn to fight like that?" Micky asked Corky.

"I've been boxing for a few years now," Corky confessed.

The group was fairly astonished. "That's neat-o!" they declared.

There was another long silence. "Fellas?" Corky asked timidly.

"Yeah?" they all said at once.

Corky shuffled his feet. "Well, I was wondering. I kinda needed the green. For something important."

"What is it, man?" Micky asked. "I've reckon you've earned it more than I did."

   "Well, I need it for my mother's operation," Corky replied. His hazel eyes, now gazing softly, was all the answer they needed.


The End

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