Ridcully_Calvert: "Get that thing away from me!" the girl yelled.

"Get that thing away from me!" the girl yelled. I was momentarily confused at the vehemence of her tone, but looked down at the end of the leash and understood what the problem was. Ben was a large specimen, and she obviously felt threatened by having him sidle so close to her.

I gave him a good whack with the little horsewhip that I always carry when walking my puppies. With a little yelp, he was suitably cowed and fell back into line at my heel. Walking down the street, I tried to ignore the stares that everyone cast towards Ben and I. People think that they can look over casually and not seem as if they are staring, but I always know. It's my business to know.

We went to my normal coffee shop, where I tied Ben to the railing next to my table while I enjoyed some earl grey tea and some fluffy white scones with tartly sweet mulberry jam and deliciously decadent cream. I saw that he was eyeing my food, and I rewarded Ben for his good behavior by feeding him half a scone, with a tiny bit of cream on top. He slobbered all over my hand, and had to be disciplined for his indiscretion.

I left the coffee shop in a huff, and vowed not to go back there again. The impertinence of that manager was really not to be believed! On the way home I was very irritated, and it manifested itself in my treatment of poor Ben. I really felt almost sorry for the hapless creature.

When I got home, I allowed Ben to take off his leather outfit and collar and relax in a bubble bath, before I charged him for the hour and sent him home.

The End

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